Sculptures in public and private collections

During his more than four decades of work he created about thirty public sculptures, most of which are exhibited in Baranya County (e.g. Budapest in the Népliget – Endless, 1972; Pécs – Stars, 1974; Hosszúhetény – Plastic 2., 1996), they can be found in the online database www.kozterkep.hu. Most of his works are in private collections in Hungary and abroad. The Janus Pannonius Museum in Pécs holds most of Bocz’s sculptures – ten of them – which are in public collections, one of which (Sadness, 1969) is currently on permanent display at the Modern Hungarian Gallery, and another is in the courtyard of 5 Káptalan Street (Embrace, 1965). The Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery’s Collection of Contemporary Art holds Bocz’s marble sculpture Bird, cca 1970. Most of his oeuvre is a treasure in private collections.

Bocz’s favourite materials were various precious stones, two-thirds of his works were carved from them, one-third from wood, and there are also a few works in metal, bone and glass. He obtained most of his stones from quarries in Hungary, but he also used white marble from Transylvania and Carrara, and his friends abroad often brought him special stones. The primary aim of his art is to show the beauty within the material. He did not want to attribute any particular meaning or message to his sculptures – he trusted in the effect they had on the recipient. After his figurative sculptures of the 1960s (e.g. Liszt Ferenc, 1969), he mainly created abstract works depicting natural forms (e.g. Wave, Spiral), but often concealed figurative motifs in the details of his sculptures and reliefs (e.g. Triptych).

Written and edited by: Anna Tüskés

Ferenc Liszt | 1968-1969 | in private collection

Portrait of composer Ferenc Liszt (1811-1886)

The Electrons of the Atomic Nucleon | in public collection

(The photos of The Electrons of the Atomic Nucleon were taken by uzmaria.)

Stars | 1973-1974 | in private collection

Spiral | 1971-1973 | in public collection

Frigyes Karinthy | 1997 | in public collection

Portrait of writer-poet Frigyes Karinthy ( 1887-1938)

(The photos of the Frigyes Karinthy sculpture are from karinthy.hu.)

Property of the Bocz family

Even materials rarely used in sculptural practice and difficult to work with obeyed his will. These include: marble from Kantavár in his early years, and later obsidian and glass.


Janus Pannonius Museum, collection of the Gallery of Modern Hungarian Art