Beginnings in sculpture

In 1963, the young artists of Pécs invited him to exhibit his work.
In 1964, his sculptures were exhibited at the Baranya County Artists’ Exhibition.
In 1965, his drawing of a floral still life was published in the March 1965 issue of the Pécs magazine Jelenkor, edited by Ervin Szederkényi.
In October 1966, his first solo exhibition of his works was held in the József Attila Culture House in Pécs.
In 1967, he was a founding member of the Fine Arts Symposium of the Baranya County Communist League Committee. His sculpture entitled Mother with Child, exhibited at the 1st National Biennial of Small Sculptures, which was organised by Emil Gádor and Ferenc Romváry, won the main prize at the Pécs Feature Film Exhibition.
Gyula Bocz was one of the first land art sculptors in Hungary: in 1968, he carved small sculptures from stones that he found in the Pintér Arboretum in Pécs, and then he created a relief sculpture in the stone wall of a cellar at 67 Rákóczi Street.

His work can be divided into three main phases based on the locations:
1. 1960–1967 in Pécs
2. 1968–1981 in Siklós, Nagyharsány, and Villány
3. 1982–2003 in Hosszúhetény

Written and edited by: Anna Tüskés


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